The RENOVE - National Network of Civil Society Organizations for Renewable Energy is the largest Brazilian network of non-governmental organizations dedicated to the promotion and inclusion of renewable energy in sustainable development agenda in Brazil.

Established in 2000 by a group of organizations operating in all regions of the country, RENOVE is a representative organization of the Brazilian civil society, founded to promote legal frameworks and public policies related to renewable energy.

The diverse background of associated institutions guarantees to RENOVE knowledge of the peculiarities of different regions. This characteristic enables the proposition of effective public policies in accord with the reality of each region.


Promote the use of renewable energy to foster sustainable development through integration with the third sector and the public and private sectors.


  • Promote, support and encourage the acquisition of knowledge and the development of practical actions that favor the use of renewable energy sources, contributing to sustainable energy development of the country through the socioeconomic community strengthening and the satisfaction of basic needs of the population, while with the preservation of the environment;
  • Encourage the formulation of public policies that favor the use of renewable energy in the country;
  • Promote access to information and technical assistance in the area of renewable sources of energy by communities and organizations dedicated to the promotion and development of poor layers of the population;
  • Identify national and international financing lines and support the fund raising for the execution of joint or individual projects of members of RENOVE;
  • Promote, support and encourage research, innovation and experimentation in the field of renewable energy sources;
  • Disseminate methodologies that instrumentalize their goals, promoting, supporting and encouraging the groups of people the institutions work with;
  • Encourage behaviors of participation, organization and exchange;
  • Promote and encourage exchange between individuals and institutions, public or private, in the country and abroad, around the issues related to the purpose of this entity;
  • Encourage the articulation of various institutions working in the renewable energy field in the country;
  • Disseminate knowledge, experiences and the results obtained from the use of renewable energy sources;
  • Promote the realization of capacitation courses and training to achieve the objectives proposed by RENOVE.


  • Formulation of legal frameworks and public policies;
  • Community organization and integrated development;
  • Fighting global warming;
  • Cooperation and exchange to develop sectoral and inter sectoral relations;
  • Renewable energy use in areas of sustainable development, education, health, social inclusion, income generation, energy conservation and environmental conservation;
  • Dissemination of scientific and technical information related to renewable energy;
  • Communication and network dynamic;
  • Operations throughout the country;

Coordinates PLESE (Plataforma Latinoamericana Energia Sustentable y Equidad).


Promote proposals and effective solutions / technologies and public policies capable of favoring access to sustainable energy services in Latin America, responding to the goal of universal access to energy for 2030 proposed by the United Nations.

Founded in April, 2012.


a) Positioning itself as a partner of civil society / third sector in Latin America to promote access to sustainable energy in front of governments, international organizations, multilateral cooperation agencies and global networks.

b) Favor incidence processes in public policies for access to sustainable energy in their respective countries.

c) Promote the dissemination of renewable and decentralized energy.

d) Share experiences, technologies and intervention models to promote access to energy.

e) Strengthening member institutions and their capacity to influence public policy.

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Please contact us for further information about projects and international cooperation.

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